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Back to School Shopping Simplified: Kingdom Living

July 27, 2022 Katie
Bountiful Living
Back to School Shopping Simplified: Kingdom Living
Show Notes

Back to School Shopping Simplified 
Whether you enjoy Back to school shopping or it fills you with dread I hope these tips and encouragement will help you find joy and purpose in filling your wardrobe. 

Time and money are two of our most precious resources. We will discuss how to steward our time and money when we shop. While you probably never considered Kingdom Living in regards to your closet, it is a tool we need to steward well like everything in our Christian lives.

  • It allows us to connect and relate with others. 
  • It reflects our unique personality. 
  • It aids us in life as we work, play, exercise, and rest. 

A) Be Intentional with a capsule wardrobe
     1. Start with neutrals: black, white, grey, denim, khaki, etc…
     2. Add accent colors or patterns
     3. Enjoy mixing and matching

B) Quality over Quantity
C) Shop head to toe (purchase an entire outfit)
D) Timeless over Trendy

This episode is intended for inspiration, not imitation.

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