Bountiful Living

A Bountiful Life is Within Reach

May 04, 2022 Katie Episode 1
Bountiful Living
A Bountiful Life is Within Reach
Show Notes

Bountiful Living was born out of the tragedy, suffering, and the heartache we all experience in life.

It's what we do with that suffering;
how we choose to journey through and
whom we journey alongside will
determine if trials make us or break us.

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This episode is dedicated to all the ones who encouraged me over the years to continue writing when it was not quite my season to “publish”. First to my God, this is for You. It is an act of obedience to tell the whole world about You. Thank you for loving me so I can love others. 

To my spouse for listening to all of my hair-brained ideas and encouraging me to pursue this calling on my life. To my parents who have always invested in me everyday of my life. To Miranda and Churee who continued to encourage through all of my false starts since the Lord first spoke a Bountiful Life into my heart in 2009. To Hollye, Laura, Jess, Cari, Kerri, and Dolores for co-laboring alongside me, willing to help me sort through all of the difficult questions and passages of the Bible no one else wants to talk about or study and to my Creative Writing for Women group for helping me be courageous.

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